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Study in Poland

Why Study in Poland

More and many of the students annually measure up to study in the Republic of Poland. The students are attracted to Poland’s high-quality education establishments, low tuition fees, and equally low price of living. Poland offers over four hundred courses offered in English in which most of the studies are for undergrad level. Poland has many well-respected universities, together with Jagiellonian University, and especially Warsaw University which is ranked 1st in the Top Globally in IT ranking, outperforming well-renowned universities in the USA as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The number upper education establishments in Poland has multiplied over the past 10 years All the top leading universities in Poland provide very high-quality programs imparted in the language of English, with subjects including medicine, engineering, humanities, business, and finance. 

About Poland

  • Poland is a modern and dynamic country. 
  • It has lifetime opportunities for young people willing to get quality education, knowledge, skills and boost the international experience. 
  • Poland is the 5th among the best places in Europe. 
  • One of the countries which have the oldest universities. 
  • It provides 90 days visa but extended up to 180 days (Temporary stay card). 


  • Low tuition fees and living expenses. 
  • Internship options are available. 
  • High-quality education institutions. 
  • Majority of universities provide accommodation to students. 
  • All types of programs are available and thought in English. 
  • The ability to work during studies without a work permit. 
  • Within 2 – 3 weeks to know the status of visa. 


  • Valid passport (must be valid for three months after the planned departure from Poland). 
  • 3 recent passport sized color photographs (35mm * 45mm), 70-80 % face. 
  • Student visa application form. 
  • Cover letter. 
  • Official letter of acceptance to a college or university in Poland. 
  • Your school certificates and diplomas. 
  • Evidence of proficiency in the language in which you wish to study. 
  • Confirmation of having the funds for studying and living in Poland. 
  • Health insurance. 
  • One passport sized photo. 
  • Visa Application Fee. 
  • Proof of Accommodation in Poland, if required. 
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